Gateron - Optical Switch (Version 2)

By Gateron
SKU: G53


The Gateron KS-22 Optical switch is crafted with a transparent cover and black base. As an upgraded version of the KS-15 switches, we designed the KS-22 switches with a new structure and a more stable, smooth hand feel. Unlike a mechanical switch, an optical switch uses light for actuation instead of a metal-to-metal connection, enhancing the trigger speed over mechanical switches. Upgrade your setup with Gateron Optical Switch

Enlarged Light-Transmitting Opening

Compared to the first-generation optical switch, we enlarged the Gateron KS-22 Optical Switch’s light-transmitting opening to increase the switch’s operational lifespan to 100 million.

New Waterproof Design Concept

These optical switches will introduce a new waterproof design concept that protects its body from water.

Factory Pre-Lubed

The Gateron KS-22 Optical Switch is lightly pre-lubed in the factory to offer a smooth and tactile typing experience, just like the mechanical switch.

Note: Optical Blue Switch are unlubed.

How They Work

The infrared optical sensing component uses light-sensing principles to generate different but equivalent resistance to form two states of open circuits and paths, thereby triggering the key signal command. 

Product Name Gateron KS-22 Optical Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
Upper Housing PC
Housing Base Nylon PA66
Spring Stainless steel
LubricationPre-lubed (Red, Brown)
SMD LED Support Yes