Gateron - Oil King Switch

By Gateron
SKU: G60


The Oil King switch is the newest mechanical linear switch that features a Nylon PA66 upper housing, a housing base made of secret black Ink housing material, and a POM stem. The stem in the upper housing is fantastic with ultra-stability and almost no wobbliness. Compared to CJs, it has a deeper patch sound. Upgrade your setup with Gateron Oil King Switch

Gold Contact

The gold contact improves anti-oxidation performance and protects the key switch from corrosion, guaranteeing the switch will last for up to 60 million cycles. 


The Oil King switch is pre-lubed to help avoid spring ping and unnecessary friction and hitches.

Black Plated Spring

The Oil King switch incorporates a long 20 mm black plated spring allowing for 55 gf actuation and 80 gf bottom-out weight, creating a rather unique and super-smooth typing feeling.

Product Name Gateron Oil King Linear Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
Upper Housing Nylon PA66
Housing Base Proprietary "INK" blend
Spring Spring steel
Pins5-Pin switch 
SMD LED Support Yes (only support unraised SMD-LED)