Gateron - Luciola Linear Switch

By Gateron
SKU: E13


The Gateron Luciola Switch is a linear switch with a proprietary ink material and molds the same way as the Ink V2. The difference between the Ink V2 series and the Gateron Luciola Switch is its luminosity and glow-in-the-dark effect which reminded us of the fireflies’ light green glow flying around in the dark giving off a sense of uniqueness and mystery. This switch adopts an extended stem and shortens the total travel to 3.6±0.2 mm for an early bottom-out feel.


Three-Ply Reinforced Pins

It provides excellent reliability and durability for hot-swappable uses with its three-ply metal reinforced pins and a 5-Pin base layout.


Factory Pre-Lubed

The switch is lubed with a specialized, automatic machine before leaving the factory to enhance the smoothness of the switch.

Operation Force 55±15 gf
Pre-Travel 2.0±0.5 mm
Total Travel 3.6±0.2 mm
Spring22 mm
Sound Level Low
Operation Life Up to 80M cycles
Suitable For Gaming/Office
Finger Strike Feeling Vertical, strong pressing force, hard rebound
Product Name Gateron Luciola Linear Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
Upper Housing Proprietary Ink Material, translucent light green housing
Housing Base Proprietary Ink Material, translucent light green housing
Spring Spring steel
Pins5-Pin switch 
LubricationLubed version
SMD LED Support Yes (only support unraised SMD-LED)