Gateron – KS-3X47 Milky Top Black Bottom Switch

By Gateron


The Gateron KS-3X47 Milky switch is a cost-effective switch that provides an unparalleled smooth typing experience and a better sense of percussion. These switches are engineered with a milky cover and black base crafted from nylon. Upgrade your setup with Gateron KS-3X47 Milky Top Black Bottom Switch

Long Operation Lifespan

The stainless steel spring and gold alloy contacts enhance the oxidation performance and guarantee the switch for about 50 million cycles. 

Linear, Tactile, And Clicky

These switches come in different colors and can meet the need of a variety of preferences. Available in your choice of linear, tactile, and clicky switches.

5-Pin PCB Mounted

These switches with its 5-Pin PCB mounted structure are fully compatible with 5-Pin PCB mounted keyboards.

Product Name Gateron KS-3X47 Milky Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
Upper Housing Nylon PA66, milky housing
Housing Base Nylon PA66, black base
Spring Spring steel
Pins5-Pin switch 
SMD LED Support No