Gateron - KS-3 Milky Pro Switch

By Gateron


The Gateron Milky Pro Switches are popular with the community and switch enthusiasts. These switches incorporate retooled molds, reduced stem wobble, and enhanced smooth feel. They are superior linear switches with a much smoother feel than previous versions. The Gateron Milky Pro Switches feature a milky housing, a larger stem, also smooth and quiet keystroke. Upgrade your typing game with Gateron KS-3 Milky Pro Switch

Gold Alloy Contact

The Gateron Milky Pros is engineered with a gold alloy contact instead of a lower-cost gold-plated contact used in the older version. By doing so, they have better antioxidant qualities and more comprehensive anti-corrosion protection.

Linear Typing Experience

There are two linear switches to choose from, the Milky Red Pro and the Milky Yellow Pro, each will offer you a different typing experience.

Lightly Pre-lubed

These switches are lightly factory pre-lubed to allow a smoother and more natural typing experience.