Gateron - Jupiter Switch

By Gateron
SKU: G196


We’re extending the gaming experience, Keychron has teamed up with Gateron to introduce our exclusive Jupiter Switch to the market. Jupiter switches differ from Gateron’s conventional switches with their brand new molds with higher precision and softer backlight effect. Their housing base also has precisely molded nylon and high-quality springs inside to bring a satisfying typing feel.

Premium Typing Experience

Every detail of the Gateron Jupiter switch is carefully designed to provide near-perfect consistency and smoothness when pressing it. It comes in red, brown, and banana. These custom switches are available in linear and tactile.

Gateron Jupiter Banana switch provides earlier tactile bumps and stronger tactile feedback than a regular brown switch. It features a two-stage spring to provide a stronger return and a more consistent feel.


Softer Backlight Effect

Compared to regular Gateron switches, the Jupiter switch is crafted with a unique LED diffuser in its transparent housing cover to allow the light to disperse more and softer while maintaining high RGB backlight transmittance for a better backlight effect.


Stable 5 Pins

The "Double-Core" robust 5 pins provide better stability and durability for the switch, guaranteeing it can last up to 80 million presses.


Factory Pre-Lubed

The Gateron Jupiter switches are pre-lubed in the factory to reduce friction and wear. They also deliver a smoother typing experience.


Gateron Jupiter Switches Features 

Gateron_Jupiter_Switches_Features (1).webp__PID:a03a2c13-9230-4862-adec-96ede7859cb1
Product Name Gateron Jupiter Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
Upper Housing PC, Transparent housing
Housing Base Nylon PA66, white base
Spring Spring steel
SMD LED Support Yes