Gateron - G Pro Switch Set

By Gateron
SKU: G14x1


The Gateron G Pro switches are one of the best mechanical switches renowned with its smooth and tactile typing experience. An optimized mold with more precise positioning and less wobbliness will certainly improve your fingertip feel. The SMD-LED compatible switches are fully compatible with our regular Keychron Keyboard Hot-swappable version without soldering requirement. Upgrade your setup with Gateron G Pro Switch Set

Known for reliability with 50 million keystroke lifespan, Gateron is well accepted as a significantly smoother switch type. If you would like enjoy a smooth and natural typing feeling then the Gateron switch is a must have.

The silky smoothness is the main feature of the Gateron switch. Try your hand at linear, clicky and tactile Gateron switches, plus a host of options like the Gateron Yellow, Green, and Black to meet the demand of customization for your mechanical keyboard.