Gateron - G Pro 3.0 Switch

By Gateron


The new Gateron G Pro 3.0 retains its predecessor, the G Pro 2.0’s factory pre-lubed feature, and features a transparent upper housing, and white base. The G Pro 3.0 has the condenser light effection structure as well, but with a new frosted, light-guided surface to make the backlight brighter and more consistent. We also upgrade the G Pro 3.0’s pin to be harder for a more stable and smoother typing experience.


Three-Ply Chunky Switch Pin

This switch is crafted with a 0.3-0.33 mm chunky three-ply pin for a more reliable connection and a longer life span. The stronger pin allows for less damage and deformities. Although its strength increased, its thickness did not change and will not affect the hot swap usage.


Consistent and Bright Backlight Effect

Compared to the G Pro 2.0 switch, the G Pro 3.0 is engineered with a frosted light-guided surface to enhance the light consistency and brightness.


Gateron G Pro 3.0 Switches Features 

Product Name Gateron G Pro 3.0 Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
Upper Housing PC, Transparent housing
Housing Base Nylon PA66, white base
Spring Spring steel
SMD LED Support Yes