Gateron - Box Ink V2 Switch

By Gateron
SKU: G39


The same material as the popular Gateron Ink V2, the Gateron Box Ink V2 Switches improved its design and upgraded its linear experience with more flexibility and smoothness to offer you a brand-new typing experience. The 5-Pin switches are fully compatible with 2-Pin 3 mm LED, 4-Pin LED, and mechanical keyboard hot-swappable versions without modifications, which will give you extra stability when typing or gaming. Upgrade your typing game with Gateron Box Ink V2 Switch

Short Travel-Distance, Fast Actuation

Expanding on the original Ink V2 switches, the Gateron Box Ink Switches incorporate a shorter travel distance (about 3.4 mm) as well as a black-plated spring for a fast rebound. Compared to other ordinary mechanical switches, the Box Ink Switch is lighter and triggers faster.

Long Operation Life

15.4 mm (Box Ink Pink) and 20 mm (Box Ink Black) plating black springs and brand new anti-oxidation gold contacts improve the oxidation performance and guarantee the switch for about 60 million cycles. 

Brand-New Design

Featuring a smoky-transparent housing and opaque colored dustproof “Wall” stem, this mechanical switch has less stem wobbliness than other gateron switches, which makes it more stable when typing. The newly ink black and ink pink physical design also adds a little mystery to this switch to add more enjoyment when typing.

Product Name Gateron Box Ink V2 Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
HousingProprietary Ink material, Smokey-transparent housing
SpringStainless steel
Pins5-Pin switch 
Lubrication Yes
SMD LED Support Yes