Gateron - Box CJ Switch

By Gateron
SKU: G63


Same as the CJ switches, the Gateron Box CJ switches also feature a blue POM plastic stem and Housing base. The difference is that the Box CJ adopts a dust-proof "wall" structure stem design to protect any contact and ensures a longer operating life for the switch. Upgrade Your typing game with Gateron Box CJ Switch

Fast Actuation

Gold plated 22 mm long spring and 45 gf operation force, which yields a faster trigger and rebound for more a relaxed feel when typing. It’s good for both quick and prolonged typing in the office.

RGB-SMD Backlight

The mechanical keyboard switch is equipped with RGB-SMD lamp openings that can fit all LEDs.

Slight Pre-lubrication

All Box CJ switches are slightly pre-lubed. They offer a very smooth, quiet, vertical pressing sensation with no clicky feel.

Product Name Gateron Box CJ Linear Switch
StemPOM, MX stem
Upper HousingProprietary Ink material, blue purple housing
Housing BasePOM, blue purple base
SpringSpring Steel
Pins5-Pin switch 
Lubrication Yes
SMD LED Support Yes