Elago - Snapshot Case for AirPods 3 & AirTag

By Elago


Unlike other cases that are mass-produced, all of our cases are designed in-house from scratch. From the initial camera-inspired concept design to the finished product, every aspect of creation was done internally to ensure you get a case that fits perfectly and protects it from drops‚ all while looking great.

Elago Snapshot Case for AirPods 3 & AirTag with a built-in slot compatible with the AirTag, it reduces bulkiness while allowing you to always keep track of your device. In addition, the slot allows for you to show the Apple logo or your engraved image as the camera lens! Take your AirPods 3 anywhere and never lose track of them again.

Durable silicone was used to ensure great drop protection and shock absorption. Food-grade silicone not only makes the product non-toxic but helps it last. Furthermore, air bubbles located at the bottom corners of the case offer extra cushion for drops.

elago is a design company first and foremost. Our motto is simple sophistication because we create products that are both useful and contemporary. We always create products we use ourselves, so we know you'll love them.


Package Dimensions 9,8 x 5,69 x 3,61 cm
Weight 32 g