Elago - R3 Protective Case for 2022/2021 Apple TV Siri Remote

By Elago


Unlike other generic cases that offer low quality materials and mediocre shock protection, the elago 2022/2021 R3 Slim case case is made with a premium silicone that protects your remote from drops and other mishaps from daily use.

Purchase with confidence because the elago intelli cases are the most bought amazon cases compatible with Apple TV Siri remote. We have brought back the same features and quality customers have experienced with the older R3 made for past generation remotes.

Have complete access to all functions of the remote. Experience flawless use with protection that gives you peace of mind. Premium, unrecycled silicone was used to ensure the best quality and protection from everyday drops, dirts, dust, and oil from everyday use.

Case design gives your remote extra grip with great protection! Due to the added design pattern, the case feels great in your hands while not sacrificing any protection!

elago is a design company first and foremost. Our motto is simple sophistication because we create products that are useful and awesome! We always create products that we ourselves use, so we know you will love it!