Elago - Charging Station 3 in 1

By Elago


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Popular multi-functioning stand remade for the Apple AirPods 1&2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2! The useful 3 in 1 charging station has been redesigned to fit your apple AirPods pro, all versions of Apple Watch and an iPhone.

Purchase a stand that will last a lifetime! Made from non-recycled, durable silicone, the redesigned charging station was made to be the perfect companion for your devices. Compact design makes this stand great for your work desk or nightstand.

Precise cutouts help protect your cables and keeps your are uncluttered. Due to the exact design, only original apple cables are compatible with the charging station; 3rd party cables have not been tested with this product and may not work.

! Cables NOT included !

Connector Type Lightning - cable not included

iPhone, apple watch, AirPods 1/2 or Pro