Deltahub - REO Wireless Charger



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REOrganize your workspace with Deltahub REO Wireless Charger. Transform your cluttered workspace into a haven of productivity and efficiency! By finding a designated spot for each item on your desk, you create a more organized and welcoming environment. This simple change can make those regular weekly cleanups a thing of the past. Enjoy a tidier, more efficient workspace with ease!

Stay charged up.

We rely so heavily on our phones, any moment can mean so much.

Never lose on an opportunity just because you weren’t at a 100%.


REOrganize your workspace.


The power of Modularity

Each REO has the same magnetic attachment mechanism so they are completely interchangeable.

Work mode? Need your phone close to see important stuff? Put it right in front.

Game time? Move To-Dos away and be ready in seconds. Your setup now changes just like your day does - quickly.


Weight 47g / 1.66 oz.
Size 55.88 mm / 2.2 in, universal size
Thickness 5 mm / 0.2 in
Cable Length 117 cm / 3.84 ft.