Deltahub - REO Phone Stand



REOrganize your workspace with Deltahub REO Phone Stand. Transform your cluttered workspace into a haven of productivity and efficiency! By finding a designated spot for each item on your desk, you create a more organized and welcoming environment. This simple change can make those regular weekly cleanups a thing of the past. Enjoy a tidier, more efficient workspace with ease!

All-around compatibility

The REO Phone Stand is an adaptable accessory, compatible with both iPhones and Androids.

For iPhones (12 or later), it utilizes the phone's built-in magnet for a perfect fit.

Android users can also enjoy this convenience with an included magnetic ring, ensuring a stable and easy connection for all. This stand offers a universal solution for hands-free phone use, regardless of your device type.

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REOrganize your workspace.


How to use?

Desks are as unique as their owners. That's why REO offers two setup methods. You pick what works with your space.

MODE 01: Desk Mat attachment

Got a desk mat? Awesome. Slide REO base with its center slit onto the desk mat. It'll fit like a glove.

MODE 02: Nano-tape

No mat? No problem. Flip the REO base and peel off that nano-tape. Stick it where it suits you.

The power of Modularity

Each REO has the same magnetic attachment mechanism so they are completely interchangeable.

Work mode? Need your phone close to see important stuff? Put it right in front.

Game time? Move To-Dos away and be ready in seconds. Your setup now changes just like your day does - quickly.


Weight 239g / 8.43oz
Size 11.5 x 7 cm / 4.53 in x 2.76 in
Materials Black Anodized Aluminium, Neodymium Magnets N52, Black Matte ABC insert, Synthetic Felt lining, Rubber