Deltahub - Minimalistic Desk Pad



Deltahub Minimalistic Desk Pad it's a simple solution to make your desk look better. If your desk configuration will look good you'll be motivated to keep it organized.  Make your workspace feel organized and cozy with Deltahub Minimalistic Desk Pad.


Desk Pad

"No curling up, no extra friction — just comfort."

Cozier workspace

Placing down your Minimalistic Desk Pad will transcend your workspace into a more cozy, warm, and comfortable aesthetic. It creates an inviting atmosphere that increases your creativity and productivity levels.

Stays in place

There’s nothing more distracting than your desk pad moving around. However, you don’t have to worry about that here — our’s stays in place.

No more scratches

Our desk pad acts as a soft barrier between your desk and your gear, minimizing any chances of scratching and other potential damage.

Enhance the look of your desk

Looking organized and tidy is no longer a hassle. Adding a desk pad is a simple, yet effective way to make your workspace stand out.


Three versatile sizes that adapt to any workspace. You have the option to choose between our large, medium, and small sizes.
They are designed to increase your productivity levels while creating a comfortable, movable space where you can freely interact with your gear.

Thickness: 0.12in / 3.5mm
Small: 11in / 28cm x 24.8in / 63cm
Medium: 11.8in / 30cm x 35.4in / 90cm
Large: 17.7in / 45cm x 31.5in / 80cm


Synthetic wool felt material — soft, durable, and a great way to cozy-fy your workspace.

CONSIDERATION: This is not the ideal place to start your handwritten novel, we suggest a harder surface as our soft felt material is not ideal.