Deltahub - Gaming Desk Mat



Deltahub Gaming Desk Mat it's a simple solution to make your desk look better. If your desk configuration will look good you'll be motivated to keep it organized.  Make your workspace feel organized and cozy with Deltahub Gaming Desk Mat.


Gaming Desk Mat

Non-slip rubber basekeeps the desk mat in place at all times
Water and spill resistant The Neopren material repels water like it's nothing.
High-quality Neoprene surfaceeffortless gliding without comprising response time
Thin and durable anti-fray stitched edgesfor years to come

A surface that amplifies performance

The right surface can be a deciding factor between "victory" and "defeat".

The Neopren top material provides a smooth surface, that accurately translates your mouse movement into cursor movement, enhancing your precision, even during high-speed movement.

Find your size

Choose between two sizes and find your perfect fit.

Small 30 x 90 x 0.3 cm (11.8 x 35.4 0.12 inch)
Large 45 x 100 x 0.3 cm (17.7 x 39.3 x 0.12 inch)

The top material is made out of Neoprene, a material popularly used in scuba suits, making it extremely water repellent. It’s a soft, smooth material that creates even less friction than felt. The bottom of the desk mat is made out of non slip rubber, so it stays in place at all times.