Cherry x NuPhy - Silent Red Clear-Top Switches

By NuPhy
SKU: 90N19


Smooth, precise, silent…are we talking about ninja moves or what a silent switch should have been? The new Cherry Silent Red Clear-Top switch, launching on NuPhy, have finally gotten rid of that ‘should’ part. The first silent switch that does not feel like all the clicky grating noises have only became scratchiness under your fingers, the Cherry SRCT relies on its completely redesigned mold, next generation factory lubing developed in cooperation with NuPhy, to achieve smoothness, total absence of noise and scratchiness, solid bottoming out in one elegant, legendary durable Cherry construction.
Travel distancepre-travel: 1.9±0.5mm
total travel: 3.7±0.2mm
Forceoperating force: 45±15gf
end force: 50±5gf
Mounting pins5-pin
Materialsstem: pom
top housing: nylon
bottom housing: nylon
Factory lubeyes
Spring18mm single-stage spring