Belkin - BoostCharge Pro Dual USB-C GaN Wall Charger with PPS 65W

By Belkin


Power your MacBook †† and fast charge an iPhone 13 at the same time with a safe, powerful and ultra-compact 65W Dual USB-C® GaN Wall Charger with PPS.

Fast charge iPhone and Samsung devices.

USB-C PD 3.0 and PPS technologies help deliver a powerful and efficient charge to a wider range of devices. Charge an iPhone 13 from 0-50% in 28 mins† and a Samsung S21+ from 0-50% in 27 mins‡.

Compact, with the right amount of GaN power.

Our latest technology offers a safe, efficient, and ultra-compact high-powered charge. Programmable Power Supply (PPS) technology delivers the right amount of power needed for the ideal charge.


Double Your Charging Potential

Comes with USB-C PD 3.0 with PPS charging technologies to deliver a powerful and fast charge for up to two devices:
- Access up to 65W of power to charge a MacBook Pro, USB-C laptop, or other high consumption device when one USB-C port is in use
- When both USB-C ports are in use, fast charge 2 devices with up to 45W from the top port and up to 20W from the bottom port


Charge all your devices on the road. Our Dual USB-C GaN Wall Charger with PPS has a compact and lightweight design that makes it ideal for travel.


Fast charge two compatible devices at the same time with dual USB-C ports
USB-C PD 3.0 enabled, charging an iPhone 14 Pro from 0-50% in 25 minutes† and a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from 0-50% in 22 minutes‡
Access up to 65W when using a single USB-C port or 45W + 20W when using both
Optimized for Apple, Samsung, Nintendo Switch and other compatible devices
Integrated GaN technology provides a high-power, efficient charge that won’t overheat
PPS technology dynamically delivers optimum power to compatible devices
Compact design ideal for home, office, or traveling
2-year warranty for peace of mind