Akko - Cream Keycap Set Building Blocks (282-Key)

By Akko


Introducing the AKKO Cream Keycap Set - a sophisticated and versatile upgrade for your mechanical keyboard, designed to elevate your typing experience with a touch of elegance and style.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these keycaps are made from high-quality PBT plastic, ensuring durability and resilience to daily wear and tear. The creamy off-white color exudes a sense of warmth and sophistication, adding a subtle yet distinctive charm to your keyboard setup.

With a comprehensive set of 282 keys, including compatibility with a wide range of mechanical keyboards, the AKKO Cream Keycap Set offers endless possibilities for customization and personalization. Whether you're a gamer, programmer, or creative professional, the versatile layout allows you to tailor your keyboard to suit your specific needs and preferences.

The timeless design of the AKKO Cream Keycap Set makes it a perfect choice for any keyboard enthusiast looking to add a touch of refinement to their setup. Whether you're typing up reports, gaming with friends, or coding late into the night, these keycaps provide a comfortable and satisfying typing experience.

Elevate your keyboard aesthetics and make a statement with the AKKO Cream Keycap Set. Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with AKKO Gear - where innovation meets design.


Keycap material: PBT Double-Shot
Profile keycap: MDA
Number of buttons: 282 keys
Compatible with 40%, 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, Alice, 96% (1800), and full size keyboards