Uniq - Vencer Lightweight Silicone Case for AirTag

By Uniq


Lightweight yet durable. Vencer is a silicone loop case for your AirTag that attaches easily onto backpacks or duffel bags with thicker straps using its unique loop design so you can take it along no matter what your plans for the day are.

Strap on and go

The soft silicone loop case fits around your AirTag to give it ample protection from knocks and scratches no matter where you attach it.


Clip it securely in place

Keep your AirTag safely in place and firmly attached at all times with Vencer’s secure button closure.


From office to the gym

Vencer’s unique loop design makes it easy to attach to straps of varying thickness, so you can take it wherever you need to go.


Clear film protection

Just peel and stick the included protective films on both sides of your AirTag for added protection from surface scratches.


• Loop design for easy attachment to thicker straps
• Snug silicone build fits around your AirTag
• Clips securely in a place to easily take on the go
• Clear film layer on both sides for added protection