Yamazaki Home - Tablet Stand



It happens to all of us - we look away for just a moment and suddenly our phone or tablet is missing. If that's a problem you're also familiar with, we have good news for you. Using this smart compact Tablet Stand, it will finally be a thing of the past. The stand provides storage space for up to six devices and keeps them neatly organized so that you will not have to start a full-scale search operation the next time you misplace your phone.

This handy Tablet Stand offers space for up to six smartphones or tablets, keeping them organized. There are several compartments that keep the devices separate, each equipped with a silicone base for scratch resistance. Made from Aluminium it is extra lightweight and durable.


L 10 x W 13 x H1.8 cm

Weight0.26 kg


Holds up to 6 smartphones / tablets. Front 3 rows hold devices with a width of up to 1,1 cm, back 3 rows hold devices with a width of up to 1,3 cm.