Oakywood - Laptop Dock

SKU: 1202WNS


The Laptop Dock is an excellent way to step up your office organization game. Storing your laptop horizontally saves desk space, especially when using an extra monitor. Thanks to micro-suction and its solid construction, the Laptop Dock stays firmly in place ensuring your laptop’s safety.

Space organization

Sturdy construction

The use of solid wood and stainless-steel means the Laptop Dock makes for a durable and reliable laptop rest.

Width regulation

The stand is compatible with devices up to 2 cm thick. The extra felt strips let you customize its width to ensure a firm hold on your laptop.

Scratch protection

The felt lining of the opening protects your laptop from scratches and provides optimal ventilation.

Minimalist aesthetic

The simple, geometric design enhanced by our innovative wood shaping method makes the Laptop Dock appear lightweight and compact. The solid wood elements joined with a stainless-steel base guarantee a secure grip on your laptop. A protective layer of natural wax oil makes the wood pleasantly smooth without clogging its pores.

Length: 18 cm
Width: 9 cm
Height: 4 cm
Maximum device thickness: 2 cm