Pitaka - Dreamland ChromaCarbon Band

By Pitaka
SKU: AWB2302


Pitaka - Dreamland ChromaCarbon Band is durable, Comfortable Apple Watch Band Built with Carbon Fiber and Aramid Fiber links compatible with all Apple Watch models including Series 9-1, SE, and Ultra 2/Ultra.

  • Made from carbon fiber and aramid fiber
  • Size: 42/44/45/49mm & 38/40/41mm
  • Adjustable watch band bracelet length
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Patented secure magnetic clasp

    Welcome to Dreamland
    to build your inner mind.

    Inspired by the intricate structure and boundless imagination of architectural art, particularly these two highly dreamlike examples of modernist architecture, we take their iconic design elements - mosaic and staircase - to create a spiritual space to explore the realm of dreams and our inner mind.

    The Funof Spontaneity

    Inspired by the legendary architect Gaudi and his representative work Casa Batllo, the design turns minor and disorderly fragments into units of all things to reproduce the iconic mosaic texture. Get a burst of inspiration from spontaneous creation to picture your natural, poetic dreamland.


    The Beauty of Order

    Inspired by the architectural genius Bofill and his representative work Red Wall Apartment. With the theme of infinite loops and overlapping stairs, the design reconstructs the surreal cubist space to find the root and the source of beauty and order.



    ChromaCarbon is a composite lamination technology that combines carbon fiber and aramid fiber by using special resin processed through high temperature and high pressure to maintain the excellent durability and toughness of different materials. And Fusion Weaving technology lets us cover black carbon fiber with pixelated colors of aramid fiber.


    Magnetic Clasp

    Effortlessly unlock and firmly close using the magnetic force of neodymium magnets.



    The watch band provides a pleasant and effortless wearing experience. It designs a gentle feel against the skin. Ensuring a comfortable sleep without irritation and allowing for unrestricted movement during active tasks.


    for Active

    The lightweight construction eliminates any bulk or heaviness, allowing for freedom of movement. without irritation points. It ensures you focus on your activities without any distractions.


    Carbon Fiber
    Aramid Fiber
    Stainless Steel