Keychron - Keyboard Carrying Case



Keep your Keychron keyboard safe and secure with the Keychron Keyboard Carrying Case! Made from high-quality materials, this case is designed to protect your keyboard from bumps, scratches, and other types of damage while you're on the move. The interior is lined with soft, plush material to prevent your keyboard from getting scratched or dented. Compatible with a variety of Keychron models, this keyboard carrying case is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their keyboard protected while traveling.

Protection, In style.

Crafted with canvas and EVA plastic, the Keychron keyboard carrying case is designed to protect your K, K Pro and Q series keyboards in style.

Sophisticated home for Keychron keyboard

Marrying the concept of a keyboard case and a carrying case, the keyboard carrying case delivers durability without extra weight. It is both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. 

Long-lasting performance

Stylish and durable, the case prevents damages or scratches caused by accidental bumping, dropping, provides durability and long-lasting performance and gives you a better using experience.

Premium and Unique Design

The soft and premium interior of the keyboard carrying case to ensure your Keychron keyboards is protected. With the unique design, the case allows you to put the cable, keycap puller or other minor things along with the keyboard.

Difference between Plastic and Aluminum Frame Carrying Cases

The only difference is the inner edge of the carrying case. The inner edge of the plastic frame version keyboard case is thicker than the aluminum frame version. 

ModelSizeCase Weight (Plastic Frame Version)
K2 / K2 Pro 367 x 203 x 55 mm 397 g/0.87 lb
K4423 x 203 x 55 mm 443 g/0.97 lb
K6 / K6 Pro 364 x 200 x 55 mm 391 g/0.86 lb
K8 / K8 Pro 415 x 203 x 55 mm 460 g/1.01 lb
K10488 x 200 x 55 mm 575 g/1.30 lb
Q1 / V1 / Q1 Pro 420 x 199 x 55 mm /
Q3 / C1 / V3 410 x 190 x 55 mm /
Q6 / V6 / K10 Pro 490 x 200 x 55 mm /
Q8 / Q65 450 x 210 x 55 mm /