Kailh - Canary Tactile Switch

By Kailh
SKU: G128


The Kailh Canary Switch is considered to be an advanced tactile switch with 42 grams of operation force and 60 grams of tactile force. It provides a stronger tactile feedback and is heavier than an ordinary box tactile switch.

Brand New Fingertip Feel

The Canary Switch has a rather sharp and pointy bump that will make you feel noticeable tactile feedback and forceful rebound when triggered. The tactile feel takes up more than two-thirds of the entire downpress travel distance.


5-Pin Switch

The 5-Pin switch’s MX stem offers a variety of compatibilities. It can fit most hot-swappable mechanical gaming or custom-built keyboards.


Self-lubricating POM Material

This switch is built with self-lubricating POM materials with a bright yellow cover, rich green base, and silver stem to deliver a unique fingertip feel. The name "Canary" was chosen for these switches because of the colorway, inspired by the feather colors of its namesake bird.

Product Name Kailh Canary Tactile Switch
Top Housing POM
Bottom Housing POM
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Factory Pre-lubed  Yes
SMD LED Support Yes