Kailh - Box Winter Tactile Switch

By Kailh
SKU: G188


The Kailh Box Winter Switch is a premium advanced tactile switch with 38±10 gf operation force and 55±10 gf tactile force. It delivers crisp tactile feedback and a smooth return. This switch adopts a light blue color scheme as if standing in the winter sun and touching a soft snowflake, comfortable and stable. Its upper cover is made out of PC material, and the stem and base are made out of self-lubricated POM material, making the switch body smoother.

Excellent Backlight Effect.
Perfect For RGB Keyboards

This switch’s transparent light guide column enhances the light transmittance of the switch for a better backlight effect. It is perfect for RGB keyboards.


Extension Spring. Quick Return

By engineering it with an extended 20 mm long spring, the Kailh Box Winter Switch provides a smooth typing feeling and a quick, strong rebound.


Dustproof & Waterproof “Box” Build

This switch’s unique inner box design is dustproof and waterproof to help increase the switch’s lifespan and longevity.

5-Pin Stable Scheme

The 5-Pin structure has two additional support feet on each side than the 3-Pin switch, making their grip firmer with the keyboard plate and stays more stable while typing with less wobbling.

Product Name Box Winter Switch
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing POM
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Protecting Cover  Nylon
Factory Pre-lubed Yes
SMD LED Support Yes