Kailh - Box Summer Clicky Switch

By Kailh
SKU: G146


The Kailh Box Summer Clicky Switch features translucent turquoise housing materials and an airy shade of green on the POM material stem. The housing color was inspired by the color of a crystal-clear lake and we wanted to accent the base and cover with a fun, fresh summer color scheme. 

Crisp Clicky Typing Experience

The Box Summer switch has a clear feel and sound that is favored by many users.

Dustproof & Waterproof “Box” Design

This switch’s box design is dustproof and waterproof to help increase the switch’s lifespan and longevity.

Excellent Backlight Effect

A translucent switch body improves the RGB lighting brightness and uniformity, as well as not affecting the light color; improving the overall visual effect.

5-Pin Scheme

It adopts a 5-Pin scheme to provide better stability and keyboard-compatibility performance. It can support a hot-swapped RGB keyboard with some lamp beads.

Product Structure

Product Name Box Summer Switch
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing PC
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Protecting Cover PC
Slider POM
Factory Pre-lubed No
SMD LED Support Yes