Kailh - BOX Heavy Switch

By Kailh
SKU: G155


The Kailh BOX Heavy Switch is the heavy version of the standard Box switch. It features a thicker spring and provides a more powerful and heavier typing experience. It’s great for those who love a strong trigger force when pressing the keys.

Linear, Tactile, And Clicky

They come in 3 colors: pale blue, dark yellow, and burnt orange. Available in your choice of linear, tactile, and clicky switches.


Double Dustproof & Waterproof Structure

This switch's dust wall design and box structure protect it from dust, and water, and can guarantee this switch to last about 80 million strokes.


High Compatibility 3-Pin Design

This 3-Pin switch's base is engineered with a hollowed-out light position design to offer SMD-LED light compatibility and incorporates an MX stem structure to be compatible with most mechanical keyboards on the market.


Excellent Backlight Effect

This switch’s transparent cover is made of PC material that allows for a vibrant backlight effect and is great for showcasing the RGB lights.

Product Name Kailh BOX Heavy Switch
Top Housing PC
Bottom Housing Nylon PA66
Contact Composite gold
SpringSpring steel
Factory Pre-lubed  No
SMD LED Support Yes
Protecting Cover  Nylon PA66