Elago - Cassette Tape Case for AirPods Pro 2

By Elago


Elago Cassette Tape Case for AirPods Pro 2 is compatible with both USB-C charging case (2023) and Lightning charging case (2022).

Another retro design by elago transforms your charging case into a nostalgic cassette tape. This design mixes new music listening technology with the old - bringing you something that is a blast from the past.

Premium silicone material protects your charging case from everyday use, including dirt, oil, scratches and drops. Precise cutout allows you to access the lanyard attachment for the ability to attach it to anything you want.

Attention to detail is evident with all of the little screw details and indents that appeared on classic cassette tapes!  Faux magnetic audio tape even shows in the middle section.  Don't miss out on adding this awesome case to your collection.


Dimensions 5 x 2,5 x 6,7 cm