Often when creating a desksetup the question arises - mechanical or membrane keyboard? The market offers a really wide range when it comes to both types of keyboards, making the decision itself quite a challenge. A person planning to buy a keyboard wants it to be 100% suited to his needs. Therefore, in this article we will help you decide which keyboard to choose.


Mechanical or membrane keyboard? Get to know them better

Mechanical keyboard

Mechanical or membrane keyboard?

When asking the question "Mechanical or membrane keyboard?", let's start with the way a mechanical keyboard works.
A mechanical keyboard is a less common keyboard that works in the following way: under each of its buttons there is an independent switch that registers the press. A mechanical keyboard can be equipped with different types of switches, such as Gateron or Kailh.

The important thing is that each key has a separate switch. This makes a mechanical keyboard more durable. In addition, because of this, you do not have to press the keys all the way to the end, so that the corresponding key appears on the screen.

If, when asking the question "Mechanical or membrane keyboard?" you decide on mechanical, we introduce you to companies whose mechanical keyboard definitely deserves your attention - Keychron i NuPhy.
The Keychron mechanical keyboard is an excellent product with a minimalist design. Keychron really offers a lot of mechanical keyboards. Their bestsellers are Keychron K8 Pro or Keychron K2 Pro.

The second brand whose mechanical keyboard deserves attention is definitely NuPhy. They have designer yet functional keyboards. We encourage you to pay particular attention to NuPhy Air75 V2 or NuPhy Air96 V2.

Membrane keyboard

Mechanical or membrane keyboard?

When asking yourself the question "Mechanical keyboard or membrane keyboard?", it is also worth knowing exactly how a membrane keyboard works.

A membrane keyboard is more common and more widely available than mechanical keyboards. There are 3 membranes extending under all its keys. Between the keys and the membrane are rubber balls that create pressure. It is this pressure that produces a signal, which is sent to the device. The keys on such a keyboard activate when pressed 4 mm.

If, when asking the question "Mechanical or membrane keyboard?" you decide on a membrane keyboard, we introduce you to a company whose membrane keyboard undoubtedly deserves your attention - Satechi.

Satechi brand membrane keyboard is distinguished by its minimalist, elegant design, which will appeal to any fan of Apple products. The brand creates its products to be a perfect fit for a Macbook or iPad. Their Slim X2 or Slim X3 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard is the perfect choice for anyone who chooses a membrane keyboard.