IT Dusters - Airtec Pro Type 1 Cordless



Clean with air with IT Dusters Airtec Pro Type 1 Cordless. Unleash a continuous jet of fresh air to quickly remove stubborn dust and debris from wherever it may be lingering. Perfect for cleaning delicate tech devices including PC’s, consoles, tv’s and servers as well as appliances like fans, filters and radiators.

NEXT GENERATION TECH: The AirTec Type 1, uses innovative drone technology to deliver maximum power from its super compact power unit. Outperforming standard cordless motors on every front, our revolutionary drone technology increases air flow whilst reducing weight, noise and size.

POWER TO YOU: Effortlessly select between 3 speed modes for superior control and combine with 4 interchangeable nozzle attachments for expert accuracy.

INDUSTRY GRADE: Meticulously machined from high grade aluminium alloy, AirTec Type 1 is robust yet lightweight at only 318g. The metal housing is ergonomically designed to fit the palm of your hand and features single button control with LED indicators

NO WIRES, NO LIMITS: The AirTec Type 1 uses a built-in lithium-ion battery which provides up to 40 minutes of continuous power from a single charge. With no wires holding you back, AirTec is perfect for cleaning anywhere. Simply re-charge using the Type C USB cable when needed.


Product includes the electric dust blower and set of 5 nozzles